Prints of my Sherlock Signature Series are now available in my Etsy shop!

Price list:
Single Print - $5
Two Prints - $8
Six Prints - $20
Complete Set - $45

Free shipping worldwide! 

Available Signatures:
Sherlock Holmes - Mycroft Holmes - John Watson - John Watson (MD) - Jim Moriarty - Sebastian Moran - Jeff Hope - Richard Brook - Greg Lestrade - Sally Donovan - DI Dimmock - Anderson - Molly Hooper - Irene Adler - Henry Knight - Sarah Sawyer - Mike Stamford - Mrs. Hudson - Sebastian Wilkes - Joke!Anderson (kindergarten writing)

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Cabin Pressure Badge Giveaway!

2 sets of 6 x 38mm Badges, One set with quotes for each character, one set without! Carolyn, Douglas, Martin, Arthur, Herc and the otter on the flight deck <3

Winner chooses their set, Runner up gets the other set

You can buy either set here, $14 (£10) and free shipping worldwide. 


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All my love, and Good Luck cabin crew!

Doodles, these turned out beautifully!!

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Hey guys! I’m looking to sell some of my wigs so I can put more money towards college, and also to recycle into new upcoming costumes that I’m interested in doing. So please, help me spread the word! <3

If you live in the United States, first class shipping is FREE! If you want priority, it will be an extra $2. If you live anywhere other than the US, I’ll have to quote a shipping cost for you. :)

All prices are captioned on the photos, but here’s a further break-down:

Wig #1 - Random Ebay wig ($25)

Wig #2 - Random Ebay wig ($12)

Wig #3 - Originally an Ivy in white from the discontinued Cosworx line, with 3 packages of loose wefts added to the back and dyed blue - has now been cut down to just past shoulder length due to tangling ($25)

Wig #4 - A BRAND NEW Wesley in Light Copper Red from Arda Wigs - never worn ($30)

Wig #5 - Magnum and 2 Short Curly Clips in Hot Pink from Arda Wigs ($40/set OR $20/clips, $25/base)

Wig #6 - Random unknown wig made of GORGEOUS fibres - never worn ($30)

Wig #7 - Originally an Ivy in 613 from the discontinued Cosworx line, dyed yellow-blonde, slight tangling ($25)

Please send me an ask or email me at zhellyzee@hotmail.com if you’re interested in any of these~! n w n

I’m heading off to college in less than a month, so I’d like to get all of these off my hands before then if possible! <3

Thanks everyone~*~*~! <3

These are so pretty 0.0

I wish I had a use for any of them… at least I can signal boost!

although all my followers probably follow zhelly anyway XD

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So the other day I was having a crappy day at work so Doodles drew me some Mormor to cheer me up :3 

And I colored it in the livestream tonight. Experimenting with a different kind of style (that just kinda happened by accident and I ran with it.)

I love these two idiots.

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Unsolicited MorMor question! (I hope you don’t mind) I know that you vehemently ignore Reichenbach and all of the madness that happened there, but I was wondering when your Jim and Seb are living? Are they post-Reichenbach, or pre-Reichenbach/pre-Sherlock series? Like how old are they and how long have they been together? (Sorry if you’ve already answered this question…I was just curious.)

I love unsolicited Mormor questions!! Of course I don’t mind, dear. Feel free to flood my inbox with them.

So my boys, at the time of Crescendo, are post-Reichensilliness. Here, you see Jim getting ready for meeting Sherlock for the first time, and he and Sebastian are already married (though they are definitely still newlyweds, this is very pre-Crescendo).

In this headcanon, we find out that Reich has already happened and Sebastian has made Jim more or less promise that it was over. Sebastian always knew that Jim wasn’t going to actually kill himself that afternoon on the rooftop, but a part of him is still ashamed to admit he doubted the plan, even the tiniest bit. They’d been married a little over a year before the Reich plan went into motion. Though they’d been together (on and off, as explained in this headcanon) for threeish years, their relationship was still new and a bit raw. The trust wasn’t completely there yet.

So they’ve been together for a little over five years, married for three (Words is their three-year anniversary). At the time of Crescendo, Sebastian is 34 (his birthday is July 27th, 1977) and Jim is 37 (October 19th, 1974).

Most of my headcanons and ficlets (unless otherwise specified) take place around the Crescendo timeline. However, I have plans to write a longfic about their honeymoon in Jamaica that took place a few weeks after their abrupt marriage. <3

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I found a beige jacket! It’s not perfect, but for $6 at a thrift shop, it’s pretty damn close. I’ll modify it a bit, probably (add darker buttons firstly) and keep my eyes open in case I see a more accurate jacket, but I’m pretty damn pleased with how this is coming out so far. So now all I’m missing are a pair of white high-top sneakers. <3

(except I just now realized I totally forgot to have my headphones in when I took this picture >< oops.)

(remember, I’ve moved back over to my main blog now <3)

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